Alliance Team wins Atlanta Open with Madison help

(Alliance Team with the trophy)

Alliance wins the Atlanta Open!

Once Again we find ourselves on top of the podium, as this time Alliance wins the Atlanta Open!  This is always a highly contested event.  We never take winning for granted and are thankful we came out on top.

There were some “Marquee” matches through out the day.  Alliances own Gianni Grippo performed outstandingly as he made his way to the finals of the Open class.  While a light weight, his technique was superior.  Unfortunately came up short int he finals, login to an Ultra Heavyweight.

Our Brown belts also performed extremely well, closing out the open class!  It is always fun to watch the Black belts.  That said, the talent in the up and coming ranks is just as exciting.  It is great to see such high level Jiu Jitsu at these lower belt ranks.  It shows that we will be a competitive team for many years to come.

Of course we had some of the crew from Alliance Madison attending!  While we only had 3 athletes compete, we came home with just as many medals.  Everyone performed well and made their team proud.  We always appreciate everyone who is willing to try and test themselves in competition and we don’t take for granted the fact that we are able to constantly see our students reach the podium.  Team work makes the Dream work, and we have more dreams to chase, so let’s keep after it!