Alliance wins the Europeans Championships!

(Alliance on the Podium at Europeans!)

Our team is off to a great start this year, as Alliance wins Europeans Championships!  Europeans is the 1st of the “BIG 4” tournaments this year. Of Course our goal is to “Grand Slam” the BIG 4 every year.  So this is off to a great start!  It isn’t an easy task.  We are actually the only team in BJJ History to ever Grand Slam the BIG 4.

This year’s Europeans was exciting as ever.   We got to witness some of our newer athletes from the Dream Art Academy compete.  The Dream Art Academy was started in Sao Paulo, Brazil. It is a community project to help young people out of poverty.  It has become a shining example of what we can do if we put our minds (and a little Money) into solving big problems.  Over the last year we have seen the kids in this program not only winning championships, but they are also learning English, business, and many other skill sets.  The program is focused on taking these kids to the highest levels of BJJ, all while helping them to have an education and a future.

There was no disappointing when the Alliance Team hit the mats.  We finished with almost double the points of the second place team.    We saw victories in many of the open class divisions.  This is always important as it proves the true effectiveness of our Jiu Jitsu.

Next up will be PANS in March, the Brazil Nationals, and Finally World Championships at the end of May.  We have a lot of work ahead and thanks to all the athletes who put in the sweat at our academies every day to make it happen.  We are showing everyone what being a team is all about.

Here in Madison we are working with several BJJ Athletes who are preparing for PANS, Worlds, and also Master Worlds in August!    We are looking forward to seeing what our people can do as they work hard everyday to make their team proud.  It’s going to be an exciting year for us here in Madison, but also for the entire Alliance team all over the world!